Frequently Asked Questions
What is Orphanage?
In common-parlance an orphanage is a home for children without parents. In reality, most of the children in orphanages today do have parents and a family. As the international development community recognizes the harm done to children by the orphanage system, fewer orphanages use that word and seek out euphemisms that blur the situation; children's homes, children's villages, care homes, childcare institutions etc. Even some academies and schools are effectively orphanages by another name.

What is considered an Orphan?
UNICEF defines an orphan as a child who has lost one or both parents. By this definition there were over 132 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean in 2005. This large figure represents not only children who have lost both parents, but also those who have lost a father but have a surviving mother or have lost their mother but have a surviving father.

Of the more than 132 million children classified as orphans, 13 million have lost both parents. Evidence clearly shows that the vast majority of orphans are living with a surviving parent grandparent, or other family member.

UNICEF goes on to explain that ... UNICEF's 'orphan' statistic might be interpreted to mean that globally there are 132 million children in need of a new family, shelter, or care. This misunderstanding may then lead to responses that focus on providing care for individual children rather than supporting the families and communities that care for orphans and are in need of support.

Is the organization registered?
Yes, CEFI is a legally registered community based organization.

Is the supported organization helped by the government?
No, it is not. The orphanage is managed and financed by you as a private sponsor and donations through this website.

How much money goes to administration costs?
As in everything an administrative cost is associated with receiving and transferring money as well as making sure the foundation meets all the legislative demands. We do our best to minimize the amount and we strive to be transparent in our work, therefore you see the administrative cost specified on your donation/sponsorship.

Can I visit your supported projects?
Yes, You are very welcome!

Can I become a mentor?
Yes, You are very welcome to become a mentor for any of our kids. You can decide what time best fits you.

Mentoring, or discipling, is:
- investing time in the life of someone else
- meeting one-to-one
- meeting with the intention of encouraging them in their relationship with God
- sharing life experiences with someone younger in their walk with God
- done with a new believer -- or any believer -- who wants to grow in their faith

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)